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Posts tagged "truck accidents"

New Regulations For Bus And Truck Drivers

A driver with a commercial driver's license is required by the Department of Transportation to get a medical physical at least once every two years in order to maintain that license. The requirement is meant to reduce the likelihood of a bus or truck accident being caused by a driver who is not physically fit to operate a large vehicle. In the past, any medical provider from doctors to chiropractors was acceptable in providing the DOT physical. Starting in May 2014, the regulations regarding this physical will change.

If Only the Road Could Talk

Most experienced drivers have learned to identify when road conditions are challenging. Bad weather and dangerous driving conditions are not rare in Illinois. But even the best drivers have difficulty identifying when rain is severe enough to cause a car to hydroplane or when falling temperatures, moisture and exhaust fumes have combined to form deadly black ice. Scientists are not researching a new method to help reduce the number of car accidents caused by bad weather. They are testing a method that would allow the road itself to inform you.

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